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How To Optimize Your Tweets For SEO

Twitter is a great way to promote your business among its millions of users. The impact of a well planned Twitter campaign can help amplify your reach across the states and international boundaries (well, most). Apart from the social buzzing up of your content, there are also extended opportunities to positively affect your search engine rankings. Getting your optimized tweets retweeted will increase the number of visits to your site and help with SEO as well. Expand the search visibility of your business and learn how to optimize your tweets for SEO by following these tips:

Know your keywords. Create a spreadsheet or a simple list with all of your company’s keyword phrases documented. You probably know some of them by memory, but having them in view will help you embed these into your tweets more readily. If you don’t know your keywords… start there first with keyword research.
Make the most of a Twitter handle. When using your business name is not an option, the next best thing might be to use a targeted keyword phrase. If this applies to your business, you can also play off of that phrase by creatively including other keywords as the first word(s) in your tweet. (Ex: “@car Parts that will make the winter drives more safe” is a simplified example that uses @car + parts to form a new targeted phrase.)
Optimize your Twitter bios. This one’s an easy way to talk about your business and services while naturally including your keyword phrases – Just make sure it’s readable and doesn’t sound forced.
Plan your tweets ahead of time. It’s great to be spontaneous and it’s natural to think that being spontaneous and in the moment with Twitter is also a good policy. I would actually try a blended approach where you have use some tweets in real-time while designating others that are crafted ahead of time, using SEO strategies and honing your messages. Which tweets get retweeted most? Make variations of your more successful engagements.
Tweet keywords as hash tags. A hash tag, or ‘#’, on Twitter is a way that people follow and join conversations about a particular topic (or keyword). (Ex: If your website offers auto tips, include in your tweets hash tagged keywords like #brakes, #mufflers and #engines.
Include a link to your site. Assuming the conversation is further explained on your blog or another webpage that also naturally targets the keywords your are so cleverly including in your SEO tweets.

Learn how to include Twitter as part of your Digital Marketing strategy!
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